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We seek to help you with the recovery of high end stolen property such as automobiles, watercraft, equipment and machinery by way of immedaite reponse social media marketing

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If you have recently become a victim of theft and you want to recover your stolen property, timing is essential.  In order to recover what is yours, everyone needs to know what happened and what to look for.

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Here at Karmadart we specialize in the best ways to recover stolen property. The chances of recovering things like a stolen car are slim to none if you leave it in the hands of law enforcement. There is usually a ring of individuals who go around stealing items like automobiles and watercraft. These people are particularly skilled at making these items disappear fast so it is essential we get the ball rolling fast in recovering your property.
You may be seeking a service to answer, "how will you find my car", or "in what ways can you assist me to recover stolen vehicles", and these are all great questions to ask. To find stolen property we use a variety of delivery methods. The key is really getting your lost, stolen or missing, hot ticket item in the front of as many peoples faces to get them to become aware of it as soon as possible. This way finding stolen property becomes a simple task of reducing the odds of it not being seen after it taken from your possession and more likely to be recovered.
How often cars are recovered depends totally on the amount of work you put into finding it. Police track stolen cars differently that we do. Stolen cars are recovered in the same way that the amber alert system would operate. As soon as you notice it missing, we start MASS broadcasting an alert across social media to as many people in your area as possible. There is no better way to recovering a stolen car fast. You can also look for other stolen goods this way like industrial equipment or tools, trucks, boats, watercraft, quads or anything that is big and not secured can potentially be targeted. Things like that become an easy target very quick so we need to all learn how to reclaim stolen property. This is where we come in.
How to recover a stolen vehicle and track down stolen items becomes effortless, due largely in part to our vast internet marketing experience. Where as police only have a small task force that will only identify stolen property if it comes across any investigation they are involved in. They will not actively pursue how to track down stolen items like we will. In all likelihood if you are on top of things when your vehicle gets stolen you will be able to reclaim your stolen property in no time.
The process of locating a stolen vehicle happens when someone who we expose the fact to that the vehicle has been stolen, sees the vehicle and come across it in their day to day activity and then reports it back to us, you or the police. All eyes will be on helping to recover a stolen vehicle because in your area people that are using social media will be saturated with the posts we make about your particular item being lost or stolen and therefore be actively looking for it in the back of their mind. 
Typically after a campaign is started our car recovery service will tend to generate leads to where your property could potentially be located.  Most people are good and want to help so when they see that someone is in need of recovering their stolen items online, they will have no problem assisting in retrieving stolen property, especially if there is a small reward involved. With the two methods in mind, stolen car recovery becomes a breeze.
We created this stolen property website to help you, the individual become active in the stolen vehicle recovery procedure rather than just sitting around and waiting for the police to do mostly nothing. These are some of the best tips on recovering a stolen vehicle and by using our service, increase the chances of getting a stolen car back.


Grand theft auto crime is a growing concern around the world.  Car theft justice should be easier to come by than it is at present.  You should never ever has to ask yourself the question, "where is my car", "locate my car", or make the statement I need to "find my vehicle".  

Feel free to continue to the next pages of our website to learn how we got into this and how we were personally affected by our own stolen property incident and what we exactly did to create this stolen vehicle recovery procedure.