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GOAL:  Facilitating the return of lost and stolen big ticket items to the rightful owner(s) 

My Story        

 April /2017    It started out as a normal day, and when the coffee kicked in and i looked out onto the driveway, there was something dramatically wrong,...... it was gone... My personal watercraft (Sea Doo GTI SE 130) had vanished on its trailer.









I contacted  the local police and their subsequent visit determined that my 13,000 dollar favourite toy was," odds on," already gone from my city and either still was in transport or hidden away, a very discouraging insight.


Discouraging insight delivered the next day was that the watercraft was not registered on my insurance policy when I renewed it .

I was essentially "on the hook" for  all the 13 000 dollars !  In despair , I needed to get my toy back. 
Determined , I turned to my core competency, the digital realm.  I set to work utilizing my formulas and algorithms. 
Discovery :  Within 72 hours I was contacted with the possible  location of my toy by an alert citizen.  The citizen attached a photo. and it appeared it was my watercraft. It was located across the street  from his home, and yes, he lived in another city!

The police in that city were examining it when I arrived. I'd called them to update them as well as to give them directions to it's location.Clearly, directed digital knowledge solved this problem .






In hindsight , I realized that my story has merit, I created an outcome I desired,  I certainly can create the same outcomes for others.


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