Property theft

Marketing Service

 If you are suffering the stress and anxiety of  a big ticket theft or loss let me propose this solution: 

Utilize my  Digital Discovery formula to find missing items


We will seek to constantly broadcast your stolen property incident to the largest most direct audience as possible in the hopes that your big ticket item can be relocated.  Utilizing mediums such as Facebook and other social media marketing platforms, we will get the word out as soon as possible with all relevent details about the incident.





innovative crime fighting

When it comes to recovering stolen property there really is no go to expert in the field to help find your missing item.  Until now there has been no where to turn!  You no longer have to be a victim and can have a very good chance at relocating your missing item and bringing justice to those who may be involved in the crime of theft of your property.


Our pledge is to help you reach as many people as possible in the hopes that someone will target your property and report it to the authorities so that it can be returned rightfully to its respective owner.  If you are in distress and in need of assistance, please allow us to go to work for you on getting you justice and delivering the karmadart to those who have tipped the scales of justice!